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Double Chocolate Chip (TIM LINCECUM FANFIC)Chapter 4 - How to make Pancake from scratch

Tim’s Apartment
Tim’s POV
                    The blaring of the alarm and the puppies barking up a storm wakes me up. Then there is a doorbell and a knock on my door. Shit, Trish is here. What time is it? 8:05, I hit the snooze button too many times. I jump off the bed, fix my hair real quick and open my front door.
“Did I catch you in a bad time? I can come back later. ” Trish says, wearing a black shirt with a baby blue skirt that stops below her knee. Her hair is different too, its down and a little wavy, unlike the last time I saw her. She has a small messenger bag and her lips are a bright rose red.
“No, please come in. My alarm just didn’t wake me up. Sit, watch TV, play with the boys, I will get dressed.” I say as I let her in and run towards the bedroom. I guess she followed me to the back where the puppies are about to run over the glass door.
“Hey, Timmy, I’m gonna let your boys out okay? Cy and Kayo are scratching the glass door, aching to go out.” She said loudly enough for me to hear in the bedroom.
“That’s fine. Thanks for doing that.” I said . I look at the mirror and shed my clothes and took a quick shower to be more presentable for my guest.
After a few minutes.
                   I got out of my room fully dressed, hair still wet and I see her sitting on the couch watching some cartoons with Cy and Kayo laying on each side of her. She  turned around and smiled.
“Good morning, Timmy.” She says with a smile. 
“Good morning Trish, I hope the boys didn’t bother you too much.” I said 
“Nah, they’re the nicest dogs. No worries. So what are we doing today?” She asked.
“I was wondering if we could just stay in? I could make breakfast for us and such…” I ask tentatively. Or if everything else fails, I will call for delivery.
“Lincecum, you know how to make breakfast?” She asks me.
“I’m sure it is not that hard?” I respond.
“Well it is not, but what are you planning to make?” she says as she gets up from the couch and walk towards me, where the kitchen is.
“Pancake, bacon, eggs, toast.” I said looking for the pancake box.
“Uh, what are you looking for?” She asks me.
“Pancake mix. It seems that I ran out. So, looks like no pancakes.” I reply.
“You have flour, milk, eggs, baking powder, salt, and sugar?” She asks me.
“Yeah, why?” I says, putting on an apron.
“We can make pancakes from scratch. I make them at home all the time.” She helps me tie my apron on. 
“Wouldn’t you need this more than I will, then?” I ask, her refering to the apron on me.
“No, I don’t wear aprons, ever. You got a laptop? You can grab a recipe off  the internet so we can make some pancakes.” She said.
“Yeah, sure. I can grab the recipe off my phone and just write it down. Any recipe will do right?” I asked again.
“Yeah, You mind, if I just start cooking?” She asked me.
“Go ahead, I barely use the kitchen anyways.” I said. 
“What? I would kill for a kitchen this big. Well maybe we can make some magic, You got the recipe? You making the pancake, I am supervising.” She said giving me a dorky smile. I smiled back.
“If I mess this up, its not my fault.”I said, finally handing her the piece of paper where I wrote down the recipe on to.
“You won’t, I will watch you.” She says, pulling her hair into a messy bun. I decided to pull my hair up as well. We both wash our hands and starts the process to make a complete breakfast.
                 She and I, side by side, start cooking some breakfast. I never done this with any girl I met. She is a natural in the kitchen. I didn’t have to help her much, looking for things and getting familiar with my kitchen was a fun thing to watch her do.
“You can flip your pancakes now-” she commands me.
“How do you know when it’s ready?”I ask, watching her as she makes eggs next to me.
“You see those bubbles? When you see more than five or so, it is ready to flip. Earlier than that you will end up with a mess.” She says this very nicely.
So I suck it up, put the spatula under the pancake, hold my breath and flip it.
“Nice, good job Timmy.” she said.
“That was scary. I was waiting for them to explode on me.” I confess.
“Wait, you say you’ve make pancakes before. You buy those box kinds right?” She asks curiously.
“Uh, well I buy them. Drew, my best friend, makes them. He sleeps over sometimes and he makes us breakfast. So in a way, I’ve never make pancakes before till now.” I tell Trish.
“You don’t cook at all?” She asks me again as she puts the eggs and the bacon on a plate.
“No, the kitchen is pretty much cereals, bagels and snacks.” I said feeling a tad embarrassed as I plate the pancakes I made.
“Oh, man. You have maple syrup? And maybe some berries, I hope?” Trish asks as she look inside the fridge. 
“Yeah, the maple syrup is in the cupboard where you found the sugar and the berries are in the lower drawer, I think.” I said. She steps behind me and pats my shoulder holding the berries in the other hand, She opens the cupboard and turns around to look at me.
“I am not 5”11, like some people here. Could you please Tim?” She asks, giving me the puppy dog eyes.
“Alright. Scoot over.” I tell her. I take the maple syrup and give it to her.
“Thanks, you’re gonna love this.” She promises.
               She pours some maple syrup in a small saucepot and adds the strawberries and blueberries. She lets it heat up until it starts boiling. I grab all the food and place it on the table. She turns around with the syrup in a small bowl and the rest of the food. She put the bowl on the table along with the eggs and bacon. I pull out her seat for her and let her sit down.
“Thank you Mr. Lincecum.” She says with a smile and a giggle.
“Oh, no problem, Ms T.” I respond.
“How’d you know my last name, stalker?” She asks, giving me a strange look.
“I checked your file from Ty.” I tell her.
“You serious?” She asks, her tone suggesting that she can’t believe that I did that.
“Yeah, I am the owner after all. Let’s eat.” I say, anxious to change the subject.
             I take a bite of the pancake I made and the syrup that Trish made. 
“Holy fuck, That’s good. Better than Drew’s, oh, yeah, better than Drew’s.” I say, taking another bite.
“Yeah, it is good. I think it is the pancake, not the syrup, Tim.” she says trying to make me smile and succeeding. She is sweet like the syrup on my pancake.
“Thanks for breakfast.” I tell her with a grateful smile.
@Lincecum place
Trish’s POV
                Breakfast was yummy, Tim and I washed the dishes together. Cy and Kayo were around the kitchen the entire time we were washing the dishes.After the dishes, Tim and I decided to play some video games. The TV is paused, Tim needed to go to the restroom.
“You paused cause you know I kicked your ass in this game. Buddy, this isn’t FIFA.” I said with confidence.
“Whatever, I play Street Fighter all the time.” Tim said, finally getting out of his room.
“Sure, this is the 3rd time I beat your ass Lincecum. Unless you’re letting me win…You better not be, or else this won’t end well.” I tell him seriously.
“No, I am not letting you win. You are just lucky. It’s just that I usually dont play with female friends.” Tim said nervously.
“Come on dude, I am just like your guy friends. We all play some video games.” I said.
“When was the last time you played Street Fighter?” he asked me.
“Uh, about 5 years ago in an arcade by my parents house. Last time on XBOX 360 was about a couple months ago with my 13 year old brother, I think the game was called Fable III or something like that.” I said.
“What??? Then why are you kicking my ass on this piece of shit.” Tim cried, staring at the console accusingly. I started laughing .
“You are right, I think I am just lucky.” I said laughing.
“Hey, Trish, wanna help me walk Cy and Kayo?” Tim asked me. 
“Yeah, sure. I wouldn’t mind a walk myself.” I said.  We gathered to the door and headed out down stairs and just walk towards the dog park which was really close to where Tim lives.
@ Dog Park
Tim’s POV
                          There were not many people in the park today, even for a Saturday, thank God. Don’t get me wrong, I love my fans, just not on my days off, I like the quiet walks with my dogs - and Trish. Kayo is being held by Trish, while I got Cy. I also brought a blanket with me so Trish and I can sit on the grass while the boys play.
“What you thinking?” She asked me. 
“Huh? What made you say that?” I asked as I turned my head towards her.
“You look like you are in deep thoughts. What’s up? I know we just met, but if you need someone to listen, I am here.” she said.
"It is nothing, I talked to my Dad last night about my mechanics and such. He said I got to let it loose sometimes. Stop thinking about it too much. I know what he means, but I just don’t know how to do it.” I said.
“What are you doing next Thursday?” she said smilingly
“We have the day off, no games, why?” I said curiously.
“I have an idea, Fisherman’s wharf, you and me.. tourist day. It will let you unwind a little bit.” she said
“I am up for it.” I said.
“Good- ” she said.
“It’s a date-” I said, cutting myself off too late. Damn why am I always saying that.
“Yes, I guess it is. You will have fun. Sometimes, you need to trust someone and have fun” she said while petting the puppies.
“I do have fun - with the team.” I said.
“Dork, I mean outside of baseball. With Drew maybe.” she said.
“Yeah, I do, mostly hanging out and just playing video games.”I said
“Yeah, that’s fun, but don’t you go out? I know the fans gets to be a little too much, but have you seen the city in the way a San Franciscan would? You represent the city on the mound.” she asked me.
“Not really- I guess I’ve been around a little bit.” I said, watching Cy and Kayo wrestle.
“You and me, we will be all tourist and all Asian. I will take your Asian side through the city, and we will have fun okay? Be dorky for once.”she said and we both start laughing.
“Alright, deal.”I said.
                    The walk was great and we ended up having lunch, I guess just walking and talking made the time speed up. I really like talking to her and I have plans already with her. It looks like a fun day, I got to brace myself with the tourists though. Hopefully not too many people would be there. Trish had to leave since she has a party with her family to go to in Oakland, she says her goodbyes to the puppies as we enter my place. She gave me a long hug.
“Tim, just don’t think for once. I know I think a lot too, but you got to let loose. Don’t be shy to text or call or whatever. Just don’t show up in Oakland. You’re not ready to meet my family. I am the quiet one.” She smiling and pat my shoulder and headed out.
“Bye,“I said
“Bye, Tim.“ 
“Drive carefully.”
“I will.. See you later.”
@Oakland, Cousin’s House
Trish’s POV
                         I parked my car in the side street, I guess I am the last one to arrive since I knock on my cousin’s door and everyone starts getting up. When I entered the house, I hugged everyone and answered all the questions directed at me. How’s the new apartment? Did you sleep well? Did you meet any neighboors? Do you go to work fine? Who is the owner of the building? Crap, do I say it? NO, not yet anyways. Got to lie. By the time I settle down and eat dinner, my phone buzzing in my jeans pocket. Yeah, I had to change, before going to Oakland.
Tim: Hey, you arrived okay?
Trish: Yeah, having dinner now. How bout you, dinner?
Tim: Oh, am I bothering you from your dinner? I ordered pizza.
Trish: No, you are not bothering me, you are actually saving me from boredom. Pizza huh?
Tim: Boredom? Aren’t you with family? And yes, pizza.
Trish: They are doing Kinect dancing right now, and I really don’t dance. So what’s up?
Tim: Just eating and watching the game. We’re winning - and the puppies are missing you, by the way.
Trish: How would you know? Wanna bet that’s just a cover cause you miss me?….. jk
Tim: Guilty, I do, it got quiet all of a sudden.
Trish: Aww, I miss you too, I am sure you can imagine. Before you met me, what did you do?
Tim: Bug the crap out of Drew, who’s on a date right now.  
Trish: Lmao, I do that with my friends too, especially when I am bored. Why don’t you go on a date too?
Tim: Still healing, meeting you was a fresh of breath air. Don’t want any relationship at the moment. Just close friends.
Trish: Yea, those are tough. You might be a beast on that mound but, you are still human with human feelings. I understand Timmy.
The cousins were bugging me to dance with them.
“Trish, who are you talking to?”  One of my cousins asked as she perfectly executed a dance move on the game.
“Just a friend. I am about to leave in a little bit anyways.” I answered them.
Tim: How do you know that I am not San Francisco’s Batman?
Trish: The fact that it’s not in the news that we have a Batman in the bay area. Plus Lincecum, you are too busy for that. You’re a baseball super star.
Tim: Yea, I guess. I know, we are leaving Friday morning, have a game that Saturday. Won’t be back till 2 weeks after that. 
Trish: Yea, But we will still have fun that Thursday. Let’s not think about work for a while - that okay Timmy?
Tim: Okay, fine. I can still text you right? When I am on the road?
Trish: Yes of course. Why did you think it wouldn’t be cool to text me when you are in the road?
Tim: I don’t know. What time you heading home?
Trish: Soon, I got work tomorrow. I have a long day tomorrow. 
Tim: What time do you get up?
Trish: Four in the morning. Maybe five or six? I am not sure, I just moved in so I got to adjust to waking up a little late.
Tim: That’s late to you?! That’s early! What time you gettin out?
Trish: Around three.
Mom starts worrying since I have been staring at my phone ever since I entered the party.
“Trish, is that a boy?”
“Yeah, he is just a friend though, don’t worry.”
Tim: Fun, we got a game tomorrow. You gonna watch the game?
Trish: Duh. You start Monday right?
Tim: Yeah, you gonna watch that live? Or you can’t?
Trish: I can’t watch it live, but I will watch you. 
Tim: Cool, make sure you watch after I pitch the first inning.
Trish: Okay. You guys are going against the Dodgers right?
Tim: Yeah, when will you watch the game with me again?
Trish: I don’t know. You’re leaving soon, so maybe when you come back from the roadtrip.
Tim: Alright. I have the best time with you Trish…
Trish: Same here, it has been the best couple of days. I still can’t believe we hung out.
Tim: I don’t know what else to talk about.
Trish: I am actually leaving my cousins house now, we have been talking about for 2 hours straight, y’know? 
Tim: Shit, it’s 8pm already? Okay, you drive carefully. Text me when you get home so I know you are safe.
Trish: Alright, I will. Text you in a little bit.
Tim: :)
                   I said my goodbyes and hugged everyone goodbye. I entered my car and headed back to the city. No traffic at all, but I got a crazy schedule tomorrow. 
The scenery the city has once you enter the Bay Bridge is just breath taking. I can’t still believe I live in the city I love.
25mins or so.
                  I arrived in my apartment, dropped my keys on the table next to my door and grab my phone and text Tim.
Trish: I am home.
Tim: Oh, good. 
Trish: Hey, Tim, I am gonna go to bed, I still have an early day tomorrow.
Tim: Of course, good nite. Have a good sleep. Ttyl.
Trish: Good night, Sleep well, Sweet dreams
          I changed into my Pjs and lay in bed to watch TV.
Around 9:00pm
@Lincecum place
Tim’s POV
                           I changed into my PJs and turn on the TV in my bedroom to keep watching the game. We are winning, and tomorrow everything goes back to normal. Trish goes back to work and so do I. The guys will probably tease me all day tomorrow about Trish, and I am starting to get used to her company. This is a problem. Timothy, remember no relationship! Plus, how the hell you know she is into you too? My phone starts ringing, interrupting my internal argument.
“Yo man, what’s up?” I said. Its Drew.
“Hey, man. How is your breakfast with your girl?” Drew said.
“My girl? NO, dude she is just a friend. It was good, I made pancakes from scratch and she made this syrup with berries and it was delicious. We been hanging out and I haven’t have this much fun outside of the baseball in a long time.” I said. It’s true.
“Good, my date was good too, I am sleeping over so I will let you go dude. (Hey sweetie, you coming to bed? The movie is about to start!)” Drew said with a girls voice on the background.
“Aww, sweetie, you have fun. Call me tomorrow.” I said while I mock him.
“Shut the fuck up dude. I’ll talk to you later.” He said and we both hang up.